Helping to put my angry in the clouds

Blog post first written in my phone notes 7/1/16
Trying to talk to my girls about me and my poorly head. They are 4&6 and very much believe everything there is to be magical; fairies, fairy dust, elves, Santa, etc and I love it that way and don’t want it to change any time soon.

However sometimes I think I need to tell them about why sometimes mummy is more shouty it feels sad. They are loving caring children who show affection easily. I know some people describe having depression as “little people in my brain/head”
But I feel that they would take this literally and believe that there are people inside my head. Just like when I say I’ve got a bug in my tummy my eldest asks me if the ants have stopped biting me. So any analogies have to be ones that don’t scare them.

So I decided to ask them what they feel when they are sad, when they cry and when they are angry.
And what they do to make the sad, tears and angry go away.
Between them their responses were
“I think happy thoughts”, “I sing in my brain and out loud”, “I blow my tears away” and “I put my angry in the clouds”.

I love all of those and I tried to explain that I feel sad sometimes and cry and shout and maybe I should try those things. They gave me hugs and told me I was “the best mummy in the whole wide world ever” .

Sometimes it’s good for your children to know that even mummies can feel like they do and it’s hard for us too.


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