A little bit about me

imageGetting to grips with this blogging malarkey.

Hi my name’s Charlotte I’m a mum to two gorgeous girls (4&6) and a wife to my equally lovely hubby. That’s not entirely it, you see I have lots of passions and like to be involved, get involved and generally keep busy. I’m a volunteer Guide leader and I help run a support group for mums with Postnatal Depression as well as the usual school commitments.  My paid work of being a horticultural therapist remains in the background and depending on the season I can often be found tending one or two vegetable patches.

Some might say just to do one of these things is enough and my friends and husband often tell me I do too much. Occasionally I do listen to them and slow down and take stock. But then that’s me all over with my highs and lows.

My reason behind starting a blog is that I had postnatal illness with both my children and to get through it I wrote poems and blog posts (never published) mainly so I could tell my friends and family how I was feeling. Often I would write them whilst the children were settling down to bed or in the www small hours after a 3am feed. I would then send them in a email to my husband so he could realise what exactly I was feeling when I couldn’t get the words out between the tears.

After much deliberation I have decided to publish them. I get lots of inspiration from other bloggers in the perinatal mental health blog world and would like to thank them for their inspiring words.

I have worries and self doubt like any other mum but having experienced postnatal illness twice my passion is that no mum should feel that they are going through their journey as a mum alone.

So here goes…



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