Noticing the little things

All to often parenting seems all consuming and overwhelming. As a mummy friend once said to me “Sometimes it’s hard to pick your battles”.

We are constantly trying to shape, ground and instil boundaries on our little people in the hope that we are
A) parenting better than our parents
B) demonstrating that we as parents to our little munchkins are positive role models
C) doing enough to just get through the long day ahead.

Today was one of those option c days. The girls had a busy morning swimming etc, then onto a friends party. Countless snacks and sweet stuff had been consumed so when it came to dinner time And I put their soup on the table, I wasn’t expecting a complete standoff.

Admittedly I hadn’t got the timing right and their CBeebies programme hadn’t quite finished but still…

The excuses came think and fast
“It’s smells funny, looks funny, it’s too hot, etc etc”
Ignoring at first, then placating, and bribing quickly second. Nada, nothing, not a drop was to enter their mouths. It’s hard not to feel frustrated. In the end when the soup was cold and it was blatantly clear that they weren’t going to eat, I got up, cleared their plates and said mummy is sad and went to wash up. Having then told them don’t come and ask for anything else to eat and the tv is now barred til bedtime.
Children 1 mummy nil.

After a while and a period of suspicious quietness the girls came back into the kitchen holding 2 home made cards. My 4 yr old hugged me and said “sorry mummy that we didn’t eat our dinner” and the 6yr old had written in her own beautiful phonic way “mi am sorrey I hav eat mi dina”

Hugs all round and yes this mummy is battle-scarred but feels so proud that my gorgeous beautiful girls notice that it’s the little things that make up their special world with mummy.


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