Too much in one day

imageA day I was dreading to be honest. I had a full on day scheduled and it was my own fault as I hadn’t said “no”.

I woke very early (4.45am) after having dreamt about making an online shopping mistake and ordering my shop 5 times and dealing with the piles of extra loo rolls that were being taken out of the delivery van. I digress but that would be the least of my worries as I knew I had woken and had this dream because I was anxious about the day ahead. I managed to doze a bit more before the patter of tiny feet and the wriggle and snuggle of the duvet now having an extra body in between us.

In the 3 short hours between school drop off and pick up for my youngest, I had to fit in 4 tasks. Sounds like not a lot but when those tasks are car journeys apart and involve half an hour at each task I was on a tight schedule.

One of the tasks was to visit my physio/Pilates instructor, since slipping my disk a year ago and having stress culminate in physical symptoms of my back going into spasm I have tried to engage in strengthening my core stability. Since Christmas when my last stress spasm occurred the Pilates has taken a back turn and physio is more the session today.

Back to the school pick up and two excited four year olds are awaiting a play date at my house. It’s so
Nice to hear them getting excited. As with most second children their friends tend to be the siblings of my eldest’s friends but in this case my youngest had her first ever friend for a play date. It was crazy, the newly tidied toys in the play room were trashed and now the room looks like a hurricane has gone threw it but they had fun. It ended with tears; sad that the play date had to finish rather than anything else.
And back to school pick up number 2, a tired six year old needing to go to a speech therapy appointment.
That completed and tea and homework were next, then swiftly to bath and bed.
No hystrionics, no tantrums and no shouting. And that includes me in that too!

A text from a friend who knew about my hectic day was
“I hope you’re giving yourself a pat on the back for getting through your busy day”
My reply
“Yes I was just thinking about that. I’ve not had any “shouties” as [my youngest] calls them. Managed to get through my mamouth day with little stress although I could do without it hurting to walk now that the Pilates man has had his elbow on my backside!”

Made me smile, today was crazy but I managed to get everything I needed to do done.
Go me!!

What have I learnt from this? Don’t schedule everything in on one day? Yes. Can I guarantee this not happening again? No but I need to be more mindful of not doing this as it could’ve gone completely tits up and ended in tears all round.
Will I listen to my body/dreams more giving me clues to the anxiety I might be feeling about something? I really need to because if I don’t then i know the consequences.

So yes I have learnt from this and yes I will listen more to what my body is telling me.


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