Just the right amount of love

imageI’ve been thinking about this phrase a lot. I love it in so many ways, my daughter said it when she was making her first sandwich without mummy’s help. I was praising her saying she’d put just the right amount of butter on it, the right amount of cheese and squished the bread down. We should call it the right amount sandwich and she said “yes the right amount of love sandwich” . Got to love her cuteness right?!

So from now on that’s what she calls her sandwiches and that’s how they will be forever known in our house.

Thinking about the phrase it’s so simple in its simplicity. As a couple when you become parents you have gone from having just the right amount of love for the two of you, to extending that love to your new addition to the family. Can there be such a thing as more love? No I believe that your new addition moves the love you had to just the right amount of love for three. And when you expand the family the love doesn’t lessen which is often a parent worry, it grows and settles back down to just the right amount of love for your family. No child has less love than the other or less than it did before and it is almost impossible to love more than you do.

Often when mums experience postnatal depression (Pnd) they can feel scared and anxious that they don’t feel that they are bonding with their baby. With others mums experiencing Pnd they can feel overwhelmed with the love they feel with their baby. I felt this way too almost to the point that I was very protective over my baby. Each baby and mummy experience is different.

What I do love to see is that now my children are growing up and playing together or with their teddies. I see me in their actions. The way they talk to their teddies and tuck them into their blanket beds, whispering “I love you day and night forever” . It fills my heart. They don’t need anything else, they have Just the right amount of love. 💗


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