Fancy a cuppa?

image(originally written 31/10/15

See this picture? What do you see? An empty cup? To me it is far more than that. It is an empty cup which previous had tea in it. Yes that’s right hot tea, earl grey with milk, no sugar if you’re offering!

Yes I managed to sit and muse mostly playing on my phone, solitaire and day dreaming whilst drinking my hot cup of tea and I drank it all.(which as family and friends might vouch is a very rare occurrence ) .

That time is such a precious thing. Completely unplanned. I hadn’t set out to sit and not do a lot but then that is when you have the best time and space in your head to switch off.

At the moment I am well and truly shattered, emotionally and mentally. It’s been birthday month in my house with both my girls so parties, presents, cakes and general chaos has ensued. Plus a two week half term holiday from school. That’s where recharging is so important.

Most of the time I choose to recharge by meeting up with friends and socialising, I often find I need the company of others to ground myself or for close and good friend to say “Charlotte you really are doing too much” . I know I do too much, I’m too generous with my time but I love that. I am that person who gives too much and sometimes at the expense of myself. Now is the time to recharge and take back that time for me.

So drinking that full cup of tea was the start…. Onto the next task


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