Meeting my #pndfamily


I have another family

Of which we’ve seldom met
A family that gets me
A family on the net

The most amazing people
Who have experienced Pnd like me
Lived through the fog of mummyhood
And who now are inspirational to me

It’s started when I read
A little poem you see
A lovely little poem
Called pnd and me

Supporting each other with kind words
Like virtual hugs and more
They picked me up and reassured me
When I felt as low as the floor

And now I’m well with just a
A momentary blip along the way
To finally meet my #pnd family
Was such an inspiring day

Knowing such a group
Can be my virtual family
Is incredible and one
Which I embrace happily

To meet them in person
Is like I’ve known them forever
So off they go back to their homes
I shall forget them, never.


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