Therapy at the school gates


All to often we can see other parents dropping off or picking up their children. We exchange pleasantries but it’s not often we share anything deeper than “oh we’ve had one of those mornings” and exchange knowing glances.
It’s only when we stop to chat in more honest ways that we can really know what’s going on in our separate yet parallel worlds of parenting.

I’ve started to be more honest with my school club mum friends in how I’ve been feeling and it makes the aftermath of a really tough morning so much easier. It also means that I feel that by being honest and sharing my parenting struggles coupled with my depression has given invitation for others to be honest and share their parenting difficulties as well. This is so lovely as it means that I am not alone in how I feel. All too often I fill myself with self doubt of not being a good mum because I got cross when I couldn’t get my girls out of the front door, dressed, teeth brushed with school bags in hand without having a complete meltdown resulting in me having a not so silent scream to myself in the bathroom.
Many parents have these struggles and they don’t have depression, postnatal illness. They are parents like me or you merely trying to maintain their sanity whilst on a tight time schedule.

They say a problem shared is a problem halved and that certainly rings true in this case. To know that other parents are having similar issues means that you can help each other, everyone can relate to arguments, tantrums and incessant nagging, and that’s just from the 5 yr old (I jest 😉).

It’s with sharing and being honest with others that we can help each other more.


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