my photos don’t say a thousand words


Whilst there are many social media trends of posting a “way back” photo, no make up selfie, or the twelfth photo in your phone album. One that is currently circulating of which I’ve no doubt I will be tagged to join in is “post 3 photos which show you’re happy being a mummy.”

I could quite easily scoop out 3 or more of my favourite children’s photos, ones which I’ve probably posted before but I wonder what does it actually mean? Do those 3 photos perfectly describe my journey as a mum? Or are they the photos I want others to see that it’s okay that being a mum isn’t always about the happy times.

Neither is most likely the answer. I don’t know what photos would honestly perfectly depict an honest account of me being a mum. Should I take a photo of the laundry pile or the state of the kitchen after a school run breakfast? Or a photo of a clock showing the time is now 3.46am and I’m feeding/ nappy changing/ or just awake with insomnia as a result of having Pnd?

My initial thoughts are yes I’ll post photos of I’m asked but with all these trends either they are just there as peer pressure or some charity or organisation has embraced that band wagon and added that after everyone has posted them they should text £5 to this number.

My particular charitable organisation would be any local or national one which helps mums going through postnatal depression. So if you have been tagged in this trend. Spare a thought for those mums who can’t remember those photos being taken, can’t look at photos of them and their baby as it reminds them too much of how ill they were feeling at the time or simply have to look at a photo to remind them that they were an amazing mummy despite being very ill.

The request is that we post photos depicting our journey as a mother. I’m not sure I can, I’m still on my journey as are many others.


7 thoughts on “my photos don’t say a thousand words

  1. It’s funny that I have stumbled across your post! I want to say thank you! I was actually tagged in one of thoughs post 3 photos of the things that make you a proud mummy! And sure I have lots! But as a mumma that suffered from very bad pnd, it makes me look back on all the times I have struggled as a mumma and still struggle with nearly 3 years later! O suffer from depression and it’s so so hard sometimes! And lately it has been an endless battle with my son I love him with everything I have but I don’t really remember the last good day we had and I struggle because no one ever talks about the hard time! You only every see the perfect mothers and perfect children and it makes me feel horrible! I want another baby more than anything and we are ttc #2 after 8 losses but l keep playing the bad times in my head and it makes it hard!! There needs to be more posts about pnd and how sometimes life can be crazy and kiddies can play maybe then I’ll feel normal! Xx

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    1. I’m so glad you did stumble across my blog. Life with a baby is hard but life with a baby when you have Pnd is the hardest journey and a battle you will win over. I think you are amazing to come to the decision to ttc and to find the strength to do this multiple times after such losses. I totally admire you. You are one strong mama. To know that you are an amazing mum ask your son how does he know you love him and hear his answer. That’s how you know whatever your memories are, that you can do this and it the battle in our head that we have to fight and continue to fight with. Xxx

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  2. I love your blog.

    I suffered PND with my first born. I was a young mum (19) and my whole life felt ruined and out of control.
    PND is a horrible, horrible thing to have and I have never been in such a dark place as I was with PND. I am still on regular medication for depression…. 9 years later!

    I was also tagged in that 3 photos trend. I refused to do it, well ignored it (didn’t put up a protest of refusal). I feel like because I have been so low and know how much one can struggle with parenting that I can never buy into that sort of stuff… I’d like to, but cant. I feel like because of what I have gone through and survived/ worked through that I am somehow better than being a part of such trends, does that sound wrong?

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    1. Doesn’t sound wrong at all. I know some friends haven’t been tagged and feel like they’re the worst mum, others have I tagged themselves. Also friends who for whatever reasons don’t have children feel quite sensitive to it. Maybe there should be a photo trend of things we feel proud of or photos that make us glad to be alive? Let’s set the trend!

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  3. Fantastic post, I suffered with severe PHD after I had my second child and literally can’t remember his first 12-18 months of life at all, if someone had asked me to post anything at that point I’d have broken down and not been able to see any happiness.

    Em xXx


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