When you are in the throes of self doubt, your Pnd thoughts keep telling you you’re not a good mum, you’re not doing things right. Other mums seem to find it easy. Why don’t I see other mums struggling? I’m a failure, I can’t even look after a little baby without feeling like I’m the worst mum in the world. My family would be better off without me. I need sleep. I need a rest but all I do is look after a baby. How hard can it be? So I tell you as I have told myself and countless other mums who have voiced all those thoughts as some point or other;

You are a great mama and need to know that when you signed up to be a mummy that your partner signed up to be a daddy (or mummy) too. It’s a partnership. No where does it say that you have to do everything for the baby. You see mums doing things “perfectly” but maybe you are seeing them on their one good day or maybe they are thinking the same thing as you; that they are not doing things right. Or maybe they’re looking at you thinking how good you are doing things. Our judgement of ourselves is not the same as how others see us.
I am the same. People say to me I’m so calm, organised, helpful etc but what people don’t see is my anxiety makes my stomach feel like it’s a washing machine of stress and I have to keep running to the toilet. They don’t see that I have a very good mask and I wear it well. Let your partner help you, friends and family members too and don’t see it as a failure on your part but the fact that you have an amazing relationship and you are a good team together.



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