Mindfully walking the dog


I definitely haven’t given myself some thinking space this week. It’s been a pretty full on week and not having that downtime to myself has meant I’ve felt a little tense.

I need that headspace and time to think. Often that’s when I’m sat as I a might now in the girls room waiting for them to settle for the night. But this week I’ve not really even had that.

I used the extra help of my mum visiting, combined with the dog sitting as we’re currently looking after my brother in laws dog, to take that time out and clear my head before I needed to go into bedtime routine for my girls.

So; half a hour to have to myself. The dog and I set off, not sure she was too happy with this idea but she soon picked up the pace as we walked briskly. At first my mind was whirring with lots of my mental to do lists but then I started to get into the pace of breathing. I usually use an app on my phone for a guided mediation but seeing as I didn’t have my headphones with me I started to do it unaided. I just remember the guide saying concentrate on breathing and what you’re hearing. Acknowledge you thoughts but as soon as you feel your mind wandering remember to bring yourself back to breathing.

It felt good, I felt focused. I also felt my mind wander but in a good way. I was no longer ticking off or adding to my mental to do list but just simply ‘being’.

Today has been #timetotalk which has flooded my Facebook timeline with blogs and photos and posts about talking about mental health. I can definitely say that my time to talk has given me the strength and confidence to speak out about my mental health and my journey as a mum with postnatal illness.

What has been totally overwhelming and humbling is the amount of support I’ve had from pretty much anyone who knows me and those that don’t. It’s all to easy to hide behind a mask of “I’m okay” but it’s only when you take #timetotalk that you realise that others do hear you and often use that time to talk for them too. And that can only be a good thing.


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