#pndSolidarity feature : Welcome to the club by itsamumslife2016

was honoured and humbled to be asked to write something for the Become Mum blog. This lovely Australian Mum is currently on your Pnd journey with adorable Master X and wanted to find and share the hope in reading about other mums and their Pnd journey’s.

Become Mum


I am privileged on this quiet Canberra evening to be able to post this guest blog by warrior mum Charlotte. I asked Charlotte to write a post for this page because:

I am starting a new section on my blog to collate survivor stories. I want (need) to believe that there has to be some reason for all this shit that I am going through and want a ‘happy’ place on the blog that I (and others) can look at for ‘light at the end of the dark tunnel’ stories.

Charlotte helps run a support group for women with postnatal depression and recently started a blog called itsamumslife2016 to share her stories and beautiful poems about her postnatal illness so that other mother know that they are not alone.


Welcome to the Club

I’m honoured and humbled to write as a guest blogger, having only started a month ago. I suffered…

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