A little respect for our Junior Doctors


Now I’m not one to make my political views public but our NHS is the best health service in the world. Where else could we tip up to the hospital and get seen by a doctor and nurse 24 hours of the day. I have been a patient several all times due to scheduled appointments or an emergency, received amazing care throughout both my pregnancies, specialist care and surgery for my newborn baby. Called 999 for my toddler (thankfully on one occasion), been referred to knowledgable and reassuring consultants and health care professionals. Experienced out of hours care, rapid referrals, and Saturday scans. All this from a service that is under resourced and under paid yet through all of this lies the tremendous kindness and compassion of doctors, nurses and health care workers who leave their families to look after us. At no time are we turned away. The government would have us believe that these amazing professionals are throwing their toys out of the pram or having a teenage strop in order to get more pocket money. Have a little dignity and respect our Junior Doctors.


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