The Love of friends


The love of Friends

The friend who will drop everything when they see your missed call and know that even though you said everything was fine they still turn up on your doorstep to dry your tears

The friend who even though you might not have said it knows you’re going through a hard time and will send you a beautiful handmade card

The friends who club together and buy flowers when you are going through a family bereavement

The friend who you know you can call upon to give you that word of wisdom when you are doubting yourself

The friend who brings you a meal when you are too exhausted to cooking preoccupied with feeding your newborn.

The friend who will knows when to tell you to snap out of it when you need to be told and the ones who know when you’ve finally snapped with mummy exhaustion.

The friend who will take care of you, let you lie in their bed or on their sofa whilst your children play.

The friend who will give you that bear hug and not let go until you are ready to.

A kind word, a kind touch, sometimes it’s all a bit too much.
But friends know you and can tell
When you not just fine but a little bit unwell.
Knowing they’re there and knowing they care can be the first step to those dark clouds beginning to break
The sun will shine and then you will make
The most of this day, this week, month or year
And moments like these should dry up those tears
Because my friend
you are loved
Loved without end.


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