Its been a two sticker kind of day




Stickers feature in my life as a parent with great frequency. More often than not I am scooping out the remains of the soggy ones from the inside of my washing machine. I am playing referee and divvying them up equally between my 2 girls, they lie languishing in a drawer or toy box forgotten yet when they reemerge they are fought over again as to who they belong to. They are used as quick fix gifts when I return from a rare day away without the children, a boredom buster in the holidays or on a long road trip and as a result can often be found on the back of our seats in the car.

They are revered as “gold” when given out at school by a teacher and I’ve woken from a cheeky sofa nap wearing a lot of them. I’ve been given them as a badge of honour to wear before I head out on the school run and woe betide if I am not wearing them at pick up. My husband has even got a peppa pig sticker permanently stuck to his Mac book and it’s often an ice-breaker in his meetings.

Today was a two sticker day. It was a Sunday and a rare weekend without any children’s parties to go to. We’d had a nice family breakfast and headed out to the local park so the girls could get some fresh air on their bikes. It was windy and soon despite wrapping up warm my eldest was complaining of being cold and was wearing not only her scarf but my snood and gloves too. We warmed up back home and chilled for the rest of the day relaying between CBeebies, homework, and playing or should I say getting stuff out of toy boxes, putting it on the floor and walking away to another room to do the same thing again!

It was a nice end to the weekend and and soon enough it was their bedtime and time for us to zone out with Sunday TV on the sofa. It wasn’t until I was getting ready for bed when I realised I had two cute stickers on my jumper. I hadn’t really noticed them. I can’t even remember when they were put on me and I vaguely recall my youngest having some stickers in her hand but can’t be sure it was her who placed them on me.

Nevertheless I was awarded these stickers by one of them and that got me thinking. Should we measure our achievements by stickers? All in all it had been a pretty good day. My hubby had been on top form and had cooked not just breakfast (pancakes) but a Sunday roast as well. Plus had let me have a well earned afternoon nap. The girls had played nicely together and I can honestly say I enjoyed the day and felt at peace. So if today was a two sticker kind of day I’m going to take that and keep it in my happy memory bank. It doesn’t mean to say that if I go to bed and I’ve not got any stickers on my jumper then that it has been a bad day. It means I need to think of those good moments and award myself a sticker right there and then.
It’s important to recognise these good days as when a bad day comes along you have something to look forward to or remember fondly and know that even if that sticker ends up a soggy mess in the wash there is always another sticker to replace it and there is always another good day to be had.


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