There’s a lot to be said about connecting with others. This week in particular the 22nd February is celebrated by 10million Guides and Scouts all over the world as Thinking Day or Founders Day. It is the date which happens to be the joint birthday of the founders of scouting and Guiding; Lord and Lady Baden Powell.

Having grown up as a Brownie and Guide with parents who were leaders in these organisations and now as a Leader in Girlguiding in the UK. I am reminded that I am member of a worldwide sisterhood. Some of my best friends and most memorable life changing moments are as a direct result of being a member of the World Organisation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts aka WAGGGS.

I love this amazing connection I have with some incredible and inspirational women. Some who I have known for over 20 years, others I have yet to meet.

It makes me think about the other connections we have with people who aren’t family. There is always things or experiences that bind us, be it university, work, motherhood, or particularly poignant for me; postnatal illness. It is with these mamas that are my kindred spirits which I feel pulled towards.

Like moving house to new areas my pull towards the Guiding community was so strong that I knew that even if I didn’t know anyone I could feel connected to them just by joining in. Likewise with living in a new area I would slowly feel more connected with my community once I became a mother. I know also have another community for which I have a strong connection to and that is with mamas who are struggling, often in silence with their postnatal illness. Within my local community as well as my online community I want to ensure and make my passion to let other mums know they are not alone.

So if you feel that pull. Strike a connection, reconnect and build your community back up.

In the meantime Happy Thinking Day.


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