My Journey with Postnatal Depression led me to help other mums

The amazing Rosey shares the fact that after experiencing her darkest times with Pnd and antinatal depression she has helped support thousands of other women through her weekly Twitter chat #pndhour every Wednesday between 8-9pm

PND and Me

Almost 8 years ago I began my motherhood journey, only I had unwanted company – Postnatal Depression.

I was a 19 year old new mum, struggling to breastfeed and lacking the emotional support I so desperately needed, it is no wonder than the cloud of PND descended and a wall between me and my daughter came down. I was still doing everything for her but it was if I couldn’t quite touch her, smell her, hear her. Those feelings are simply awful, not feeling good enough, wondering what you did wrong, why all the other mums are coping when you are fighting each day just to survive.

I wish I’d known then that none of it was my fault, I was poorly. I was the 1 in 7 mums who suffer with Postnatal Depression. I wasn’t alone but my god I’ve never felt so alone in my entire life.

I felt…

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