Life’s a beach



I love this photo from shared on originally from
I’ve saved it on my phone as something which might be good to do…. However as much I would love to actually live in my Pinterest world the reality would be somewhat different. The jar would get filled with various sands from our seaside trips and then no doubt my children would ask to take a look at the jar and wear me down until they were actually holding it. Then whoops oh no “mummy it just slipped out of my hand, it was too heavy” and wouldn’t you just know it. The sand was mixed up never to return to its original segregated state.

Would that be such a tragedy? Well yes and no.
Yes because I would no doubt be cross that years of collecting sand and carefully transporting it home in a plastic sandwich bag and remembering to fish it out of the car boot without it getting forgotten about along with the soggy sandy swimming costumes, fishing nets and windbreakers. Then placed along with the shells collected and stones to be painted it will lay languishing somewhere and noticed daily as a thing to do when the children are at school along with my scrapbooking pile, photos to album and messy corners to be tidied. It will then eventually be placed lovingly in the jar and labelled and I shall make everyone visiting my house admire it and they would wish they could be amazing like me (!)

Until that day..the day when it slipped from their hands and all the sand became a sandy mess.

Would I scoop it back in the jar or would I put it in the bin thinking my good work of creating this jar had been all for nothing. I would like to think that I would put it back in the jar and it could become a jar of our sandy memories. Because after all memories kind of stay in our minds, we could remember specifics about the ice cream incident or the day we found a huge crab in the rock pool or buried daddy in the sand but eventually all our memories become mingled into one so perhaps this visual analogy of all our childhood trips to the seaside and then perhaps I could be at peace with my heart and head and my continuous endless striving to have that “perfect family life” which I have created.


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