Lights, Camera, Action!



Eeeeeek!!!! And Breathe.

I’ve just finished my first TV interview for the Chrissy B show which specifically talks about all aspects of mental health and wellbeing.

With the adrenaline still coursing through my body I am attempting to write about my experience. Firstly I personally found it more nerve-wracking in the build up but once on camera and in my element of, well talking about me, I kind of found my flow. What can I say, those who know me well will vouch they I have no problem with talking especially when I am passionate about something!

I sat on the sofa with the PANDAS Volunteer Manger Donna Collins who despite us only meeting that night at the coffee shop near the studio was lovely and very reassuring. She was armed with all the stats and PANDAS facts and figures, which meant that I could concentrate on not stumbling my words.

Chrissy B, the host was great at putting me at ease and asked the first question; tell me about how pnd all started with your story. I really only briefly spoke about things. As you know from reading my blog I could have said the anxiety pretty much kicked in from 20 weeks pregnant with the worry about my baby, I didn’t even mention the traumatic start to parenthood by experiencing a baby having an operation at 36hrs old. But I did say how I felt with my Pnd the first time and second time and how those symptoms were different. I know mums can relate to that. I went on to say how I met my wonderful friend Natasha and we started our own PANDAS peer support group. How we’ve been running for 2 yrs and seen over 30 mums. How we offer that safe space for other mums to sit and chat and ultimately somewhere where they don’t have to put on that exhausting act of “being a happy mum”. Donna was able to elaborate on that fact that PANDAS offer support in a number of ways; peer support groups, a helpline, social media and Facebook closed community group. If it wasn’t for me being on Facebook and a member of the closed support group I would never have found my other fantastic peer support group leader and together we have given each other the confidence to set up our own local peer support, and for that I am truly thankful.

I have no idea how long our segment was, perhaps 15 minutes, it went quick but covered at lot. I’m now hoping that I came across well, coherent and that the camera didn’t put on extra pounds and the strategically placed flower bowl directly in front of me hid most of me. I say that not to get overwhelming positive endearments in the blog comments but just because of my own self consciousness. Accepting me in my new mummy body is a whole different blog post!

So apart from the adrenaline rush which I am slowly coming down from, of which no doubt when I get home and chat about it to my husband will kick in again. I do know that this week has been particularly anxious inducing for a number of reasons. The end result means that I know that it will have taken its toll on my body and mental health. Tomorrow is relatively less stressful but I know I need to take that time back for me.

The show will air on Friday 4th March 2016 10pm UK time on Sky 203 and will be uploaded onto YouTube by Tuesday 8th March 2016. Now I’m excited and nervous about this at the same time!!


Myself beside Donna Collins (L), Host Chrissy B and Jordan Martin another guest.


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