New beginnings



Wow this week has been particularly busy in the life of me! I have literally scheduled myself so busy I even had to put “pick up children” in my diary!

I decided at Christmas as well as starting to go public with this blog that I would dip my toe back into the world or my work. I’m a Horticultural Therapist. To explain that simply I work with different groups of people or individuals using garden as a medium to their therapy. For example school gardening clubs or to rehabilitate stroke patients. Gardening is a great way to achieve small goals such as increasing someone’s confidence to improving their mobility. I do love it and working outside and outdoors in nature is very therapeutic and beneficial to me too. I also know that it will give me that boost in confidence that I need. It comes at a price though and hopefully I can balance family life and my mental health alongside these 2 exciting ventures.

So this week has involved 2 induction says to two separate work places. Meeting up with friends, attending and hosting school coffee mornings, running my local Pnd support group. Oh and a little thing of having a TV INTERVIEW!!!!!

Did I forget to mention that?!! I am currently writing this on the way to meeting a PANDAS ambassador to hen appear on the couch with her to talk about my life having and after having postnatal depression. Eeek! I know I tell the world verbally and on here but I am trying not to think about the actual interview. I know my stuff; I lived it! I’m anxious but then again any other person would be no doubt. So here I am not a moment to lose but then not a moment to think about it either. Perhaps that is the reason why I over scheduled myself today? I have literally got ready in between playing who can build the tallest megabloks tower with my girls to cooking them their pasta with sauce. Since being a mum I’ve managed to hone my getting ready technique to a tee. Actually I’m not sure that is totally true, I remember doing it when I was at school. My alarm would go off at 7.40 and I would be up, showered and dressed and out of the door in time to catch the 8.10 train. My hair was shorter but then again I need more foundation and concealer now!! Oh and I’m rocking the double pant/knicker look “superman style” so my tights don’t end up around my knees!! Leaving you with that image…

I’m telling myself to breathe, calm down and give myself a pep talk.

I think this is the first part of this blog instalment and the second one will be the experience of the interview!


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