What International Women’s Day means to me


Happy International Women’s Day
March 8th 2016

So 2 days ago it was Mothering Sunday in the UK, and now it’s International Women’s Day. I’m certainly feeling the love across my newsfeed and not feeling that same guilt that I felt for my childless friends or friends who have experienced loss of a baby. I’m not actually feeling guilty for the fact that it’s not International Men’s day, that incidentally in November 19th 2016.

What does International Women’s Day mean to me? Well I see it as a celebration of all the amazing women that have come and gone and are here to stay in my life.

My lovely mum and grandmothers who all have their life stories of strength through adversary and are and have been the greatest influences in my life. The fact that I am a life long member of the largest female organisation worldwide; The World Association Of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). I have had and met so many amazing girls and young women all over the world and has the pleasure of being part of some incredible projects. None more so that my Honduras GOLD (Guiding Overseas Linked with Development). Being given the opportunity to work alongside my peers and the Guides of Honduras we ran workshops encouraging girls as young as 6 to gain confidence and self esteem. To see their spirits lift and know their own worth in the world was an amazing experience.
All my Guiding friends are amazing women and every week give their energy to girls and young women ensuring they have a safe space to be girls. To be given that chance to be influential in someone’s life is an incredible honour.
To the lovely mums I see and speak to online who are my #pndfamily, supporting each other and giving each other strength is something I will always love.
To the girlfriends I have, some I speak to daily others not so often I love our friendship beyond words.
And lastly to my own two beautiful girls whose life is just being shaped and created, you are just carving your way and I am proud to be your mummy, always.

Happy International Women’s Day


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