Bedtime stories


Inspired by Mole’s Babies by David Bedford and Rosalind Beardshaw
Reading to my girls before bed is something that I really enjoy doing. My eldest is learning to read so often we take each page in turn with her reading it and then me. The thing I love most is the way they snuggle down on me although now they getting big and their bony elbows and knees find it hard to nestle comfortably on me, their heads always find a place on my chest.

It’s a nice moment and the final thing we do even after the most frustrating and tiring day. And ultimately I know that after story time it’s their bedtime and my rest time. My, at least 12 hour mummy shift is over.

Reading Mole’s babies, it reminds me of our own doubts and anxieties about parenthood. The mole family are expecting their mole babies very soon and mum-to-be mole is “nesting”. Dad-to-be mole is looking around his farm and watching the other animal families trying to see what makes those animal daddy’s good dads. He tries to copy what they do but soon realised he can’t hop, flap, splash etc.
His wife then reassured him that their babies don’t need him to be like the other daddy’s. All they need is love.

It remind me that all of us when we are embarking on new journeys in our life, whether we are becoming parents, extending our family, moving house or starting a new job. All of us have these normal moments of self doubt and slight anxiousness surrounding the situation. Often we cannot control the circumstances and even though we are happy in the decision we’ve made to start on that path it doesn’t mean that by having and acknowledging that we have those misgivings about our decisions that it is a path we no longer want to take. It just means that we need to be more aware that we need to allow ourselves that time to adjust to the new circumstances. If our new path is rocky or immediately feels like we are walking up a steep incline remember to see the positives. Look around at the view, take a seat and have a well earned rest halfway up that hill, notice the flowers or wildlife along the way. And before you know it you’ll be at the top of that pathway. It’s no race and the more you take your time the more positive our journey will be.

So remember mole and his self doubt, his bruises from falling over trying to hop, his muddy face from falling in the mud and his worry that he might not be a good dad. That you too can feel like this and be reassured that he found his family niche; Love.

Brother, husband, Dad, friend, sister, wife, Mum, friend. Whatever your worries, it’s okay to feel like this and your journey will be okay too.


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