Life and Plans when there’s limited Wifi


I’ve been staying at my mums house in rural Cheshire for a week now, making the most of home cooked food and Nana for entertainment for the children.

However the wifi or should I say lack of is definitely frustrating to say the least! It has however, ensured that I have remained “present” and not just given my children my presence and my mind on Facebook.

In the tiny area in the house that does means I can access Facebook or the Internet, usually it also means that I am contorting myself between edge of the bed and window in all manner of positions my husband thinks it’s his lucky day! I therefore have been “liking” things and as I can’t download or watch anything so I am saving a lot of articles to read when I get back to the land of communication and 24 hour supermarkets and 6am-11pm corner shops, oh and petrol stations that don’t close at 8pm at night!!

I am using my new “free time” to write copious notes on my phone, letters I want to send and new blogs.
I have also enjoyed meeting up with friends who I have known for 20+ years. It’s those friendships that you don’t have to say anything or maybe have not seen each other for quite a few years and you can just snap back into the banter. And the northerners have a lot of banter. I’ve also according to my husband sound more “Manc” as the week has gone on. Talking at a exhibition on the PANDAS charity stand to lots of lovely families from the North I think helped in that respect too!

I find myself thinking what if I still lived up here. Would my life have been different? Undoubtedly. Do I miss it? Yes and no. It’s not just the broadband which is slow, the pace of life is too. You can’t just pop out to the shops, particularly where my mum lives, the corner shop is a 5mile drive but takes about 10 minutes down the country lanes. 5miles in London would take me probably to Kings Cross or maybe even more central and definitely wouldn’t take me 10 minutes. If you haven’t got something in the house to eat a take away delivery is likely to get to you cold and congealed and be longer to get to you than if you were to cook something yourself.
You get more choice of foods and sundries down in London but have we been spoiled by having a corner shop which sells lemons and olives?(essential forgotten items for a greek BBQ). But I remember trying to by sanitary towels and nappies a few years ago and I might as well got the Terry’s cloth nappies and nappy pins out, to cover both my needs!

What I do love is the peacefulness, we can go for country walks down the lanes and only meet a cyclist and a few cows. The girls enjoy being outside more and even just took a small trowel out on their walk and “dig for treasure”. A pair of metal glasses frames, crockery and button were in their haul this time and they then returned home delighted to have got their boots so muddy they walked home with one boot on and one sock on! Maybe this is the start of an interest in archeology or
mud-larking or just them loving the idea of getting mucky, which is probably more likely!

I love the fact that my mum was fortuitous enough to keep lots of my old toys and games and now the girls are at an age to enjoy them. I’m still remembering the rules even if I am a bit rusty. It’s been fun watching them discover things for themselves.

It’s sometimes good to take an enforced break from your fast paced world. It’s important to take stock and reevaluate what you do and why you do it. Why do I cram everything into one day or the weekend or the holidays? Why do I want to do lots of things or go to lots of events? Do I have a severe case of FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out or is it more that I don’t want to let that control go and have that spontaneity of seeing what can happen if there isn’t a plan? Perhaps that’s a challenge I should do? I shall challenge myself to it but maybe not just yet! I will also challenge myself to let my children dress me for a day/week. I think that’s sounds fun maybe those should be planned for the unplanned week. Oh wait thats me planning again!!
Oh well! Plans will be plans and life will be life. And I plan to enjoy my life.


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