My 3 little things


My 3 little things…

Three names I go by:
1. Charlotte
2. Mummy
3. Monkey

Three places I have lived:
1. Cheshire
2. Bedfordshire
3. London

Three places I have worked:
1. Local authority
2. Private sector
3. Charity sector

Three things I love to watch:
1. My children sleeping
2. The penine hills
3. Clouds

Three things I love to hear
1. My children sleeping
2. The waves
3. Birdsong

Three things I love to smell
1. Freshly mown grass
2. The sea
3. My children

Three things I love to feel under my feet
1. Grass
2. The sea
3. Soft fur

Three places I have been:
1. Honduras
2. Montserrat
3. Cornwall

Three things I love to eat:
1, afternoon tea
2. Chocolate
3. Greek food

Three favourite drinks:
1. Earl grey tea
2. Red wine
3. Hot chocolate

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Seeing my children grow up
2. Growing old with my husband
3. Exploring the world

Why do I want you to know all this?
In the time that I have saved this tagged social media challenge the 3 things have somehow become 4 but I’m not going to change my list. I’m not sure why it came about and what its intention is. Maybe it’s to impress our friends or maybe it’s to inform our Facebook friends who might not know us at all to get to know us better? Who knows.

There seems to be a running theme through mine of relationships and yearning for the peace of nature. I know I certainly crave peace and quiet yet at the same time love seeing my children discover nature. Seeing them take delight in handling garden snails this week was lovely. On the other hand it’s the school holidays and hearing them argue and whine was not so lovely. It’s a fine line as I love them to bits but know that I am feeling unable to deal with the parenting at times is hard. I know that I’m not a “bad mum” as many others feel this way too with or without suffering from anxiety or having Pnd. I even asked my daughter today “am I such a bad mum?” She was quick to say ” no you’re a good mummy because you love us”. For that I am relieved and know that it’s only me who judges myself so harshly.


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