my photos don’t say a thousand words

With another “motherhood challenge” doing the rounds on Facebook for no particular reason. Here’s my thoughts again.



Whilst there are many social media trends of posting a “way back” photo, no make up selfie, or the twelfth photo in your phone album. One that is currently circulating of which I’ve no doubt I will be tagged to join in is “post 3 photos which show you’re happy being a mummy.”

I could quite easily scoop out 3 or more of my favourite children’s photos, ones which I’ve probably posted before but I wonder what does it actually mean? Do those 3 photos perfectly describe my journey as a mum? Or are they the photos I want others to see that it’s okay that being a mum isn’t always about the happy times.

Neither is most likely the answer. I don’t know what photos would honestly perfectly depict an honest account of me being a mum. Should I take a photo of the laundry pile or the state…

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One thought on “my photos don’t say a thousand words

  1. I decided not to take part this time and instead wrote about motherhood. In some ways my proudest motherhood moments can’t be seen on a camera because I am too busy living them to take photos x


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