Living with Anxiety

I know myself what terrible anxiety and social anxiety feels like. I know how you feel physically ill, guilty as hell and whatever decision you make you cant stop thinking about it. You over analyse, feel guilty that you’ve let people down and feel angry that the anxiety has won. You feel embarrassed that you have something unseen and quite illogical that can be totally debilitating to your mental, physical and emotional well being. You struggle to understand it yourself let alone thinking how your friends and family can even start to understand it. Combine this with thousands of fans in One Direction singer Zayn Malik’s case for not making his appearance on stage. The next line would usually be I can only imagine how he is feeling but actually I know exactly how he is feeling right now. I have felt it myself and I know I will feel it again. Sometimes my mind can override the illogical thoughts that try to break me other times I can’t and have to succumb to them.



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