Finding the right words


I can’t watch the news
I can’t even speak to. My children about what’s going on in the world How can I when I don’t understand it myself?

It frightens me, it makes me feel anxious, it makes me worry for my safety and of the safety of my loved ones, family and friends. I can’t tell them or let them see because I can’t explain it. Children like, no need to know they are safe and that as a parent we are that safe place and their home is their safe space. There’s too much sadness in the world and how can I explain why people do what they do to others because they believe they are right in what they think or do, say or believe in. As a parent I think I am right, as a child they think they are right but what right to others think they have to extinguish that right.

Inexplicable events of nature, we can teach our children to think about their safety but sometimes the unthinkable happens. A split decision, a unthought about action means that lives are changed forever. Animals and nature that we live harmoniously alongside each other suddenly changes in a second. Fire, flood, winds or shaking earth can happen, sometimes they go unnoticed and other times they can happen right in front of you and have a profound effect on you for the rest of your life.

We can only do what is humanly possible and that is the very best we can. We can only protect the same amount, we can only plan for the events which we have prepared for. We cannot know the Unknown, think the unthinkable and for that we must take solace and comfort in.

Worrying does not take these events away nor does it stop them from happening. We can only do what we can to educate ourselves and our children to be the best they can and know that if anything does happen to look for the helpers.

Look for those people who in those unthinkable situations shine out like a beacon. Who are the lovers of life and not the haters. We can only hope that we can protect our children from the Unknown events that might occur in their lives but we can strive to instil in them the core skills to listen to their instincts to become the helpers and protect others as we as parents are protecting them.

It may be that I need to address my fears of wanting to protect my children through hiding the nasty and scary events that happen in our world, our country, our lives. Sooner or later they will ask, they will tell me and I will need to find the right words to say.


7 thoughts on “Finding the right words

  1. Well said. I feel that all Mothers wish to protect their children from the violence that is happening in this world and that we do our best to do so. Just be prepared to answer them honestly when they start to ask questions and as you have taught them kindness let them form their own opinions.


  2. Reblogged this on itsamumslife2016 and commented:

    Sad that one year on from me writing this there are more unthinkable tragedies that have occurred. Just within the last 8 weeks the UK have had 3 major terrifying terrorist attacks in London and Manchester and just last week the truly awful fire in a London tower block.


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