The Tunnel


You know you have entered it, it feels cold, it smells damp, the walls echo, your eyes are adjusting to the lack of light yet drawn to the speck of light at the end. The walls seem like they are closing in on you as your footsteps echo off the brick.
You think to yourself, it isn’t far, it won’t take me long and you dream about the exit at the end.

A little while in, your body has adjusted to the temperature, your eyes adjusted to the dark. Then you turn to see how far you’ve come. The entrance seems still quite near and you turn to see the end of the tunnel. It’s almost jumped further away. How can that be? I’ve walked for a while, the end should be closer.

You continue, determined and then rest, you’re in the middle. Your ears straining to hear the birds at either end of the tunnel. Your eyes sick of seeing the small circles of light you could walk either way now. Back where you came, it’s familiar, you know it. Or carry on, to a new place. It looks nice, but will it be the same? Do you want it to be the same? Your heart is racing you can almost feel the walls closing in. Your ears filling with the muffled pounding of your heart beating. Your throat dry from your heavy breathing. The sound of your footsteps getting quicker. You turn to look behind you, yes the entrance is further away.

Now your eyes are adjusting to the light at the end of the tunnel. Your face starts to feel the heat from the sun the bricks start to take on their red colour again, you can almost smell the fresher air.

Then you are blinded by the light, the intensity of the contrast of your environment your senses are experiencing is almost overwhelming. You want to look at everything but can’t. Then slowly you open your eyes and see.

See the light bounce off the trees, feel the warmth on your face, smell the lush green foliage. Then you are greeted by your friends and loved ones cheering, hugging you .

Saying, you’ve made it, you did it, we’re so proud of you. You’ve walked out of the darkness and here you are. We’ve missed you.
We love you.



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