The honesty of Selfies


It’s interesting to note how many different friends of mine like or don’t like selfies. Some have selfies of themselves at every event or place they are and post them on Facebook, whilst others don’t take them and don’t like others taking them with them in it.

I love taking selfies with me and my children and often as I’m a blogger and admin on different groups and pages I like to take them to show something of interest but prefer not to have my children featured.

Sometimes trends go around social media such as the no make up selfie etc or post the last/twelfth photo taken on your phone. I thought what if there was a “last 8 selfies” taken what would mine look like.

Just like a good photographer who likes to use their best photo, a selfie can be the result of several photos at varying angles taken of yourself or a group of you. You are extremely critical of all of these. Oh my god why is it I have 3 chins? change angle. Now why does my nose look like a beak? Change angle. Damn it I blinked! Oh now I look like I’m in a police mug shot! Okay I like this one.
So choosing the last 8 self accepting selfies I collated them together.
Then I decided to look through the ones I had dismissed; a no make up one, a crying one, a pissed off one, an it’s too hot for working one, a don’t mess with me one, the I’m giving my cat a cuddle one and the fed up one.

All taken because I wanted to show that my internal feelings do slip through the mask that I wear for the school run, work, seeing family or friends. All are real and just as valid to capture as the fun ones, sexy ones, silly ones, family ones and blurry ones. Yet the good photos and bad photos are indicative of the journey of my life. It is not all smiles and happy moments but sometimes it’s having those bad moments that make the better ones sweeter.




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