10 Things Motherhood has taught me

10 things aren’t enough! After reading this I want to add these too!


10 things motherhood has taught me


When becoming a parent your whole life is turned upside down. Every part of your life is about to change. Some bits you may miss (pert boobies, flat tum, SLEEP!) some bits you will be glad are long behind you.
These are the 10 things that motherhood has taught me.
Friendship change– Before having a baby you are out with friends of a weekend, meeting for coffee, shopping or chatting on the phone. When you have a baby things change. If you have friends that already have children, it is nearly impossible to arrange to meet up when you are both free, you may as well just schedule something for 2020 as that is the next time you will both be free at the same time. if you have friends that don’t have children, they are not interested if your child slept through…

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