I had been dressing after having a shower, when my daughter came in. She noticed that I had red insect bite type marks on my body. However they’re not insect bites but heat lump type stress hives. I know this from doctor Google of course. But having eliminated a change in washing powder, deodorant, insects and food allergies. Plus given the fact that we are in birthday month for my girls along with an increase in my paid work and busy homelife. My husband tends to have his conference season start in September and October so he is also away a lot. This unexplained rash/ itchy lumps can only be put down to stress. Already I know it but it’s on that roller coaster of craziness which is all of my own doing. I say it every year that I won’t do it to myself. And every year I find myself thinking about their birthday party in June, booking a hall and then the roller coaster wheels slowly work into action. Usually culminating in me being an emotional wreck usually the end of the month of October.

So the bathroom conversation with my 6 year old went like this;

Mummy do you still have your soreness?

Yes I think it’s because mummy is doing too much

I think you should have a long break but not too long

What should I do on my break?

Yes that sounds good, what else?
Eat dinner in bed, and lunch and breakfast
That sounds good too what else which doesn’t involve bed or eating in bed?

Go outside but not for work
And play games

I think I should start listening to body and my daughter more, and do all of the above.



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