Your hand in mine


When we are walking hand in hand
And your hand doesn’t feel so tiny anymore
I think to myself I want a moment longer
To see you crawling on the floor

For us to share a little more of the time we have together
Before it’s too late and you don’t want to hold my hand ever

I feel those moments in time are as lost as I felt,
Then with a newborn, a toddler, a child
Not captured on film enough, just left to be a memory
Of one which I wasn’t happy beyond that smile

To wander down the street with the sole purpose of fun
And now we rush from place to place
That time seems to have gone
And it’s now different struggles we face.

Is it gone or just forgotten that we can still have that again,
Time Together we can cherish those few moments that are still the same.
We can make new memories and just enjoy and be
In the moment that important we can replay that game.

It’s takes a simple game of spot this or that
To realise that these are those moments that I can have back
Nothing to stop us creating that special time together
I just need to remember that they don’t last forever.

Charlotte Antoniou 2017


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