Finding the right words

Sad that one year on from me writing this there are more unthinkable tragedies that have occurred. Just within the last 8 weeks the UK have had 3 major terrifying terrorist attacks in London and Manchester and just last week the truly awful fire in a London tower block.



I can’t watch the news
I can’t even speak to. My children about what’s going on in the world How can I when I don’t understand it myself?

It frightens me, it makes me feel anxious, it makes me worry for my safety and of the safety of my loved ones, family and friends. I can’t tell them or let them see because I can’t explain it. Children like, no need to know they are safe and that as a parent we are that safe place and their home is their safe space. There’s too much sadness in the world and how can I explain why people do what they do to others because they believe they are right in what they think or do, say or believe in. As a parent I think I am right, as a child they think they are right but what right to others…

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