Running your own race


I ran my race and nobody else’s;

Yesterday we had my daughters sports day. It was different to others we had been to as she is now going into Upper School in September so this time it took place at a local sports ground with a track and long jump pit.

All the parents had been cheering from the sidelines and very supportive of all the children when the call came in.. “It’s time for the parents race!”

Now last year I suffered the humiliation of the nursery parents race in the playground in which I went spectacularly arse over tit scrauping my knee to pieces on the cut glass surface which is the playground. Oh the shame!!

I had thought to refuse the call this year citing the wrong shoes, the fact that I had been on a girls weekend and much alcohol consumption had taken place or even as I heard one mum say “wearing the wrong bra!” Needless to say I soon found myself on the starting line pretending I was warming up! The PE teacher came and checked our footwear and gave me the reassuring view that I would “break my ankle in those shoes” as her disclaimer! I wasn’t wearing heals!! I assured her it was my intention to come last.

Starters orders and in my head I was trying to wrestle with my competitive streak and my potential and likelihood of a second year humiliation when I was surely to face-plant the track if I put any concerted effort into the race.No my sole job was to get over the 50m line with my knees and pride in tact.

Ready, steady, Go! The pretend Beta mums who were actually Alpha mums in disguise stormed ahead, the roar of the crowd, I’m not going to lie it was tempting to increase my speed and see if I could be part of the pack. Thankfully my brain took over and I decided that I was going to run my own race. My sole goal was to not fall over and that’s was I was determined to do.
Yay I did it!! And just like my daughter in the egg and spoon race earlier who was adamant that she was not going to drop her egg and stopped at every wobble she took her time and did it. The support for her was amazing even though it did look as if she was walking in slow motion!

It’s so important to decide on your end goal at the beginning. If you don’t then your judgement can get clouded and you are inevitably disappointed. Either in the result or with yourself for letting yourself be persuaded to alter you course.

No it’s much better to run your own race and blinker yourself to others. Only that you will you be truly satisfied with your result.